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How you can earn $100k + vested residual as a Sideline
Even during the current times ... This is NOT a sales position.

Who is Aspire Partners? 

Aspire Partners is the recruiting arm for a decade-old shipping technology company whose founder has over 30 years’ experience in the transportation management industry, subsequently referred to as Aspire Shipping Solutions Division or APS.   APS brings all UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, courier, and LTL rates and services under one proprietary platform at NO COST to companies.   Creating for companies of ALL sizes and industries, operational efficiencies and real cost savings up to 35% of their current shipping spend.

A company you can entrust your contacts with ...

With over 30 years’ experience in the transportation management industry, our Aspire Shipping Solutions Division team has pioneered shipping technology.  Our Partner serves shippers, fulfillment companies, E-commerce retailers, logistics firms, and anyone involved in moving packages & pallets.  For the past decade, we have successfully helped shippers improve efficiency around their fulfillment and shipping operations. They are looking for help right now. And with the major carriers like UPS & FedEx strained for capacity and raising rates, our technology provides just the right solution.

Build for Tomorrow Today as a CHANNEL REFERRAL PARTNER with Aspire Shipping Solutions.

  • You make the connection to a decision maker in the company and your role is complete.  We do the sales work - the presentation, follow up, close and implementation.
  • Sideline, Part or Full Time. Work alongside your current position or business.
  • Pay Per Performance compensation – vested, residual income for the life of the client (average 8 to 12 years!).
  • No quotas to maintain. No cap on earning potential.
  • Willable to your estate.
  • Training and ongoing support provided.
  • Your Role: Generate interest for this unique solution and facilitate an introduction to your current relationships.

NOTE: We understand you FIRST must have a belief in the decade-old company behind this as well as the service AND our SVP, Client Aquisition who will be presenting to your contacts BEFORE you will put this in front of people who know and trust you.  We get it ... your reputation is on the line.  Our "Next Steps" has specifically been designed to give you the needed belief and understanding of the substantial value proposition.

First things first, complete the Questionnaire at the bottom of the page to see if you qualify.

Do you have Established Relationships with decision makers:
CEO or President
CFO or VP of Finance
Logistics Management
COO or VP of Operations
Director of E-Commerce
Senior Management for Supply Chain
Are your Established Relationships in one or more of the following industries:
E-Commerce Retail
Logistics Companies

Shipping Companies

Fulfillment Firms

If you do, there is a heightened market for you to tap into:

  • Our shipping Partner, led by the team that formed it over a decade ago, and the key players have over 30 years of shipping and logistics industry experience.
  • While several worthy competitors offer competitive services in parcel or LTL, virtually none offer both on one platform.
  • This service gives your contacts substantial leverage and shipping spend buying power with processing over 200 Million packages annually on USPS, something none of our competitors can get.
  • As a Channel Referral Partner, you will be connecting your contacts to a shipping technology service provider that is entirely US-based and is considered the gold standard in white-glove customer support.

Prepare for tomorrow, today!

If we've learned anything in 2020 it's how quickly things can change ...
Add to your retirement fund, your new home fund, your college fund …
Remember, this is a vested residual income that pays on average 8 to 12 years.   

Examples of what your
C-Level relationships could be worth to you

Channel Referral Partner knows the Director of Supply Chain at an E-Commerce Retailer and introduces Aspire Shipping Solutions to the Director.*

Annual Shipping Spend: $15M

Typical company’s earning on shipping savings: $532,000

Monthly Income: $6,000 to $8,750

Annual Income: $72,000 to $105,000

Five Year Income: $360,000 to $525,000


Channel Referral Partner introduces Aspire Shipping Solutions to a Fulfillment Firm*   

Annual Shipping Spend: $100M

Typical company’s earning on shipping savings : $3.5M

Monthly Income: $44,800 to $59,750

Annual Income: $537,600 to $717,000

Five Year Income: $2,688,000 to $3,585,000 

*Income examples are for illustration purposes only. They are not a guarantee of income. Results will vary.


This marine products supplier had a large number of SKUs, but no ability to consolidate shipments, no system in place to handle LTL, and were experiencing a high number of abandoned online shopping carts due to overcharging. Their current “box-on-demand” system couldn’t accommodate custom boxes, and overall, inefficiency was costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.   Aspire’s Shipping Solutions Channel Partner was able to identify their difficulties and lost revenue in the packaging and customize a solution that brought them efficiency and saved them money.


This already established world-wide supply chain management company expanded into the United States, and began experiencing immediate needs as they worked to quickly and accurately fulfill large numbers of orders with complicated rate logic. It became clear to them right away that their manual method of entry was costing them in both time and lost dollars due to incorrect customer billing.  Aspire’s Shipping Solutions Channel Partner was able to highlight their quick growth, and customized a solution that brought them efficiency and saved them money.


This major supplier of motor parts had just under 100 warehouse locations, all using unconnected systems and different carriers. They needed to scale as they grew, but their current systems didn’t scale well, nor accommodate their many variables.They were losing money due to human error and billing issues, and all too often, vital information was not being reliably kept and shared among the many locations.  Aspire’s Shipping Solutions Channel Partner was able to highlight their need for a system that would unify their many locations, and customized a solution that brought them efficiency and saved them money.


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